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At Rundle & Dorey, we really are dedicated to what we do. We do not undertake any other type of work but rather specialize in what we do and ensure that we do it well.

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Fast Efficient Conservatory Roof Insulation with a Ten Year Insurance Underwritten Guarantee

Most conservatory roof insulation installations are completed in one day by our fully insured fitting teams.

Conservatory ceiling insulation by Rundle & Dorey will give you back your dream of a beautiful living space that can be used all year round…just like every other room in your home.

We follow exactly the contours of your roof which means that the same feeling of space and light is maintained once your new conservatory ceiling insulation has been installed.

Conservatory too cold?

Don’t suffer another winter of freezing conditions and massive heating costs. Conservatory ceiling insulation will completely solve the problem

Conservatory too hot?

Don’t endure another summer of melted candles and unbearable temperatures. Let us fit conservatory ceiling insulation for you.

When you are ready to reclaim your garden room for all year round use, we are here to help with our fast efficient and low cost conservatory roof insulation system – also referred to as conservatory ceiling insulation.

All work is carried out in a meticulous fashion.  Before we begin to install your conservatory roof insulation, all areas -including the floor  and shelf areas- are sheeted and protected by our fitting team. When the job is completed, we  will leave the whole area clean and tidy. We even clean the windows.

Let us cure the problem. Once and for all with our conservatory ceiling insulation system. And all at a very affordable cost.

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Cost Effective Conservatory Insulation At It’s Very Best

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So what do we actually do?

You will love the look of your new vaulted ceiling which with its’ plastered finish, will beautifully match the ceilings in the rest of your home.

Conservatories are not like other buildings, so it really won’t do to treat them in the same way that you would any other building section of your home.

Conservatories are constantly “on the move” due to the rapid expansion and contraction caused by both interior and exterior temperature changes and the fact that many are constructed largely of aluminium which has one of the fastest rates of linea expansion of all metals.

Condensation is also a major factor which needs to be carefully considered and compensated for.

Fortunately, our installation process takes into account all of these factors. Even the materials that we use are time tested and proven suitable for use.

Our surveyor will explain thoroughly the different processes of a conservatory roof insulation installation from start to finish and show you photos every step of the way on an ipad so that you can see exactly what is involved in a full thermal installation.

Rest assured that we only use the finest products and materials available for your conservatory roof insulation with the highest proven performance data so that your new ceiling results in the lowest possible U values achievable.

The 19 multi-layer Superquilt not only acts as a thermal barrier in winter instead of allowing your warmth to go out through the roof like an invisible open window yet in the summer it acts as a very effective solar over-heating barrier preventing the uncomfortable build up of heat in your home by reflecting a high percentage of the infra-red radiation back out and also by insulating against the additional solar gain.

Superquilt is also very lightweight at only 880g per m2  and all of the other materials used are well within the maximum stress factor so no need to worry about extra weight on the roof with one of our conservatory roof insulation systems.

With the combination of all of the layers of insulation incorporated into your new conservatory roof insulation system you can expect U values as low as 1.61 w/m2K and thermal performance of 2.71m2K/w.

Conservatory too hot?  Conservatory too cold?

Not with a Rundle & Dorey  insulated conservatory ceiling!

Of course, it is not just about how efficient it will be. You want your conservatory ceiling insulation to be attractive as well as effective.

The great news is that the conservatory ceiling insulation system will actually improve the look of your conservatory.

Many people are surprised by just how beautiful their new vaulted ceiling is.

Remember, we do not change the shape of your conservatory, we follow the contours giving you what many would agree is the best ceiling in the house.

One of the many other benefits is that with your new ceiling in place, you can choose how you want the room to appear. For example, one of our customers has blanked off one wall and extended their kitchen into the area. Sounds strange I know, but in reality, if you were standing in their kitchen right now you would think that it was a purpose built designer kitchen.

Only your imagination will limit the scope of you new found all year round extra living area, so go on…unleash the interior designer in you.

Some Background Information about conservatory roof insulation

In the UK many houses are considered to have been built with lack of adequate space in the living areas, especially the lounge area and the kitchen/dining area.

Often, UK houses were designed without a dining room at all and so the addition of a dining room is, in particular, regularly sought after.

In the early 1960s many houses were extended by traditional means. That is to say by means of brick walls and a conventional roof to match the existing house. The 60s and 70s saw enormous growth in the building trade as the desire for more living space continued.

Then some of the bigger double glazing companies who also manufactured conservatories began to offer a different way to extend the home.

A conservatory could extend the home and was much quicker – and often cheaper – to erect.

Over the next 30 years, conservatory sales exploded in the UK and as more and more manufacturers entered the marketplace, prices began to fall.

Where in the past only a reasonably well off person could afford a conservatory, now it was easily within reach of most home owners.

The average age of a conservatory owner is 55 years or more.

Conservatories are really nice rooms but they do have a drawback. They are not very thermally efficient. This means that generally you may suffer from conservatory too hot in summer and conservatory too cold in winter.

In the UK the average winter temperature is around 2-5 degrees centigrade. It can get much colder – as low as minus 18 or worse sometimes – but 2-5 is the average.

In the summer the average temperature is around 16-18 degrees centigrade but can rise to the high 30s from time to time. The rest of the year is a mixture of highs and lows and averages.

When the weather is cold and cloudy then a conservatory will rapidly lose heat – mainly through the glass or polycarbonate roof which offers little thermal advantage. Heating can be very costly as the rapid heat lose is very difficult to counter, resulting in a room that is generally too cold.

In summer when there is direct sunlight, then the conservatory will gain internal heat very quickly. Cooling the room can again be a very difficult and costly affair generally resulting in a room that is too hot for normal use

The more south facing the conservatory is, the hotter the interior will become in direct sunlight.

On a clear summer day, a totally south facing conservatory will generate enough heat inside to melt candles and warp plastic. It will be far too hot to use – unless there is some protection such as conservatory roof insulation.

Another reason that Conservatories are now so popular is that the Planning Laws have changed here in the UK

This guidance reflects increases to the size limits for single-storey rear extensions which apply between 30 May 2013 and 30 May 2016, and the associated neighbour consultation scheme.

Adding a conservatory to your UK house is considered to be permitted development, not needing an application for planning permission, subject to the limits and conditions listed below.

No more than half the area of land around the “original house”* would be covered by additions or other buildings.

  • No extension forward of the principal elevation or side elevation fronting a highway.
  • No extension to be higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • Single-storey rear extension must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house* by more than three metres if an attached house or by four metres if a detached house.
  • In addition, outside Article 1(5) designated land* and Sites of Special Scientific Interest the limit is increased to 6m if an attached house and 8m if a detached house until 30 May 2016.
  • These increased limits (between 3m and 6m and between 4m and 8m respectively) are subject to the neighbour consultation scheme.
  • Maximum height of a single-storey rear extension of four metres.
  • Extensions of more than one storey must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house* by more than three metres or be within seven metres of any boundary opposite the rear wall of the house.
  • Maximum eaves height of an extension within two metres of the boundary of three metres.
  • Maximum eaves and ridge height of extension no higher than existing house.
  • Side extensions to be single storey with maximum height of four metres and width no more than half that of the original house.
  • Roof pitch of extensions higher than one storey to match existing house.
  • No verandas, balconies or raised platforms.
  • On designated land* no permitted development for rear extensions of more than one storey; no cladding of the exterior; no side extensions.

Having an insulated conservatory ceiling installed does not affect planning rules and no planning permission or building regulation permission is required to fit a conservatory roof insulation system.

To solve the problem of conservatories becoming too hot in the summer, many blind companies began to manufacture conservatory blinds. They claimed and still do claim that their blinds reduce the heat in summer and help to keep the conservatory warmer in winter.

Now although this is slightly true, the temperature control that can be offered by blinds is very small and conservatory blinds are quite expensive. So what is the answer?

One answer is our product. A thermal ceiling that is fitted directly under the roof of the conservatory.

Because the thermal ceiling is fitted directly under the existing roof, it follows every contour of the existing roof and does not in any way alter the original shape.

From the outside, the conservatory remains unaltered in any way and still give the same look as before, while inside the thermal ceiling stops heat from escaping in winter and prevents the sun from magnifying through the glass or polycarbonate roof in the summer sun.

Many people find that without an insulated conservatory ceiling, it is almost impossible to heat the conservatory adequately in winter and even if they could do so, the cost of energy would make doing so prohibitive.

Conservatories can be made from wooden frames, aluminium frames or light stable reinforced PVC known as uPVC.

Most modern conservatories are at least double glazed and some are triple glazed. The glazing is always manufactured in sealed panels to prevent the glass from misting when there is a temperature difference between the air inside and the air outside.

In the UK the legal definition of a conservatory is a building that has at least 50% of its side wall area glazed and at least 75% of its roof glazed with translucent materials, either polycarbonate sheeting or glass. Today, the terms sun room, solarium and conservatory are used interchangeably by the public  to mean Conservatory.

A “Green House” or “greenhouse” is NOT a conservatory. It is a glass room that is NOTinterconnected to the house and is used solely for the purpose of germinating and growing plants.

Whether you are situated in Aberdeen Hastings, London, The Home Counties, Colchester, Gloucester, Wales, Peterborough, Norwich, Blackpool, York, Newcastle or anywhere in between, we almost certainly have a surveyor near you, so please call us today for a fast and courteous quotation.

Conservatory too cold.

As we head out of summer and into autumn it is all too easy to forget the extremes of temperature that can be generated within your conservatory.

Don’t wait until your conservatory is so cold that it becomes an unusable room. A simple, effective and low cost conservatory roof insulation system is just a phone call away.

Conservatory too cold? It really doesn’t need to be.

Rundle and Dorey

Conservatory Roof Insulation in London

Welcome to Rundle and Dorey, London. we are proud to provide high-quality conservatory insulation services to our customers throughout London, transforming conservatory spaces for the better.

Our conservatory insulation services provide customers in London with a conservatory space they can enjoy all year round. With over 20 years spent in the conservatory shading and insulation industry, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide you with the best insulation. Our fully-qualified and experienced team can complete work on any type of conservatory, no matter how big, small, or differently shaped.

Rundle and Dorey are Insulation Specialists

At Rundle and Dorey, London, we pride ourselves in specialising in conservatory insulation. All our installers will treat your home as their own, ensuring they protect all furniture items during the installation process and then clean up after themselves, so they leave your property as if nothing had happened.

We are proud to specialise in conservatory insulation throughout London, providing quality installations with a smooth and professional finish every single time.

We Install Superquilt Insulation

With so many years spent in the conservatory insulation industry, we know that having quality insulation makes all the difference. That’s why we are proud to install quality Superquilt insulation for our customers throughout London.

The 19 multi-layer Superquilt insulation provides quality insulation to your conservatory unlike any other product. What’s more, Superquilt insulation is a lightweight and easy to install material, making even the trickiest of installations easier for our experienced installers.

Superquilt insulation in your conservatory means you can expect lower U values than ever and significantly improved thermal performance.

Quality Services Provided in London

Nothing is more important to us at Rundle and Dorey than providing quality services for all our customers in London.


At Rundle and Dorey, we have over 20 years of experience in the conservatory insulation industry and our team have the knowledge and experience to see your project through from beginning to end.

Our Trusted Guarantee

We have a trusted guarantee underwritten by the UK’s most trusted guaranteed underwriters who are also regulated by the Financial Services Agency. So, you can rest assured of our guarantee when you use our services.


At Rundle and Dorey, London, there is nothing more important to us than providing high-quality conservatory insulation work for all our customers. Every conservatory insulation installation we provide will be completed to the highest possible standard. However, if any fault should develop in our workmanship or the materials we sell within 10 years of installation, we will return to the customer and fully rectify the problem.